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High Quality Living Spaces Made From Containers

Defy conventionalism and adapt shipping containers to meet your needs


Adaptable to your needs:Temporary accomodation or a home with one, two, three or more bedrooms, office modules, temporary business, guest houses, bungalows in camp sites.


There are a variety of exterior and interior finishing options provided that habitability standards are met: painting, wood paneling, stone facing, sandwich panels.


Countries such as Japan, the Netherlands, and England have already got some examples of houses made out of shipping containers. These units enable affordable housing, high quality construction and short delivery times.


There are systems to obtain a sustainable high-performance container depending on the use given: recyclable low-impact materials, energy efficient carpentry, energy saving installations


Aurtenetxea Containers is a subsidairy of Aurtenetxea, S.A., machinery tool supplier since 1963.

This company, in collaboration with Zabala Arquitectos architecture studio, has initiated a new product project, to create a living or working space from recycled shipping containers, to suit affordable prices along with sustainability to become your new home, guesthouse, bungalow, temporary accomodation, office, stand, showroom, pop-up store, etc.

Latest Projects

  • Pop Up: Changing rooms for the Provincial Council
  • Pop Up Work - Consulate of Iceland & Liberty66
  • Pop Up - Alzola Basque Water
    Alzola Basque Water and the Choral Society of Bilbao once again choose Aurtenetxea Containers...
  • Econt work - Acciona Water
  • Pop up - La Salve beer
  • Pop up para Azkena Festival de Vitoria
  • Centro comercial Bonaire
    Centro comercial Bonaire en Valencia
  • Econt Work: Maritim Museum Bilbao
    Una nueva baliza flanquea la zona exterior del Museo Marítimo de Bilbao. En el año...