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Advantages of a Modular Container

Defy conventionalism and adapt shipping containers to meet your needs

These houses are made out of totally standard shipping containers, they are more affordable than traditional houses, but also meet safety, health and habitability requirements: structural stability, natural illumination, thermal insulation, efficient energy use, acoustic insulation, fire protection, user’s safety, antivandalism, customized high quality finishing, use of low impact sustainable materials street name address db.


There are a variety of exterior and interior finishing options provided that habitability standards are met: painting, wood paneling, stone facing, sandwich panels, etc Genuine to windows 7.

Low Cost

Countries such as Japan, the Netherlands, and England have already got some examples of houses made out of shipping containers 동백꽃 필 무렵 3회 다운로드.
These units enable affordable housing, high quality construction and short delivery times.

Resistance and Transport

The containers we use are totally standard, with the most common length being 10, 20 and 40 feet scanpst.

Each container is different but has similar resistance characteristics and is easily transported.

The container iron floor is solidarized to the external frame structure and steel pillars live africa. Containers are originally watertight and waterproof. They can be joined together by rigid or mechanical joints, and can be piled up to 5 or 6 floors.

Sustainables – Energy saving

There are systems to obtain a sustainable high-performance container depending on the use given: recyclable low-impact materials, energy efficient carpentry, energy saving installations, etc Pre-U.S. download.


Adaptable to your needs:

  • Temporary accomodation or a home with one, two, three or more bedrooms
  • Office modules
  • Temporary business
  • Guest houses
  • Bungalows in camp sites